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You can insert here either some text to do video search, or a URI address to scan for videos.
You can also insert here Youtube playlist URI to convert whole playlist to mp3.
There's also this neat top music 30 videos, good place to start.

Convert Youtube videos to mp3 & download

Y2Mate is the right tool for the job. Convert Youtube videos to mp3 file and download to the device of your choosing. It is very simply and straightforward. Y2mate also supports several other audio formats besides MP3, those would be M4a, Webm, Ogg and some others. If audio comes as m3u8 playlist file - it will be put together to become 1 mp3 or m4a file. There's no restrictions on Youtube videos only, you can try convert to mp3 videos from other sources, such as Instagram, Reddit, Tiktok, etc. There's no wrong answer here. If you're not sure whether we can convert video from given source, simply copy video URI to clipboard and paste it here in the input box of Y2mate, then hit Download button. Something will load up, most likely.

Get Y2mate to HomeScreen

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It's really easy to convert videos from Youtube to mp3 using Y2Mate web-based app. Install it, then use it when you want or need an mp3 converter. The app does everything that this site does, it's essentialy this website wrapped and hard-coded into browser shell.

Use Y2mate with Bookmarklet

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Definitely a very elegant way to make use of this site. Utimately when saved to browser's bookmarks, this shortcut does one thing only: when clicked, it copies your current webpage URI in browser and sends you here with that address in hand, - just press Download.

Youtube converter to MP3, M4A, WEBM, etc

If you're sick of plain old MP3, try these cool new formats like M4A and WEBM, all kids everywhere are doing those.. M4A is actually rumored to contain a slightly broader spectrum of audio frequencies than that of an MP3 file, making sound either slightly richer than mp3, or occupy less storage speace then mp3 of the same sound.


How to find free music on Youtube to convert to mp3?

FAQ - Questions & Answers

How to convert Youtube video to mp3 file?

  1. Access the Youtube URL you want to download, copy its URI address to clipboard.
  2. Open Y2Mate and insert video address into the search box, hit Download.
  3. Now find the Mp3 option in the drop down list, hit Get Link and press green button to start.

Where do the mp3 files go to on my device?

Downloaded files are conveniently placed in the global default Downloads folder, it's easily accessed via browser menu Downloads option.

Do you convert video to formats other than mp3?

Yes, we also support M4a, Webm, Ogg, even Mp4 audio sometimes, which is probably AAC, and many other formats that can be discovered for each video in time of the page scan.

Will this site or app work on my Android device?

Yes, this is primarily the intention - make it work on Android. You can also have it work on any Apple device, any Windows-based device, Chromebooks, Xboxes, many other devices and platforms.