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Y2mate Youtube downloader to Mp4 & Mp3

Y2mate is here to help you with any kind of video download and converter tasks. The main reason it's here being Youtube downloader, a website that can download Youtube videos in all possible formats, extract their audio track and convert them to mp3. Youtube doesn't offer MP3 as one of the audio formats, so we have to convert video to MP3 format ourselves, each video is converted on request, so there's always a little work to be done, please, be patient. Especially if downloading some 5GB gaming broadcast or a 3 hour long DJ session from some club.. You can have the video and audio and even still watch it online, just make sure you don't fill up your mobile device with too many stored video files. It's recommended to use Mac/PC or a laptop when downloading videos, as there's way more storage usually.

Otherwise feel free to look around, the input box above accepts textual search tags, so you can actually search Youtube for those special videos you want to download right here, without the need to actually go to Youtube.com website. Y2mate also accepts whole Youtube playlists, just copy playlist URI address from Youtube, then paste it in the input box above, hit Download and see the list of videos show up in front of you, just go ahead and select the ones you want and convert them to mp4 or mp3, up to you, one video at a time, as agreed before. We also have our own quick access shortcut, and if you are on Windows or Android based OS - we also have our own webapp, which is pretty much browsers with this website dead-set in the address bar, so the app needs browser to work, but then again it needs no lifetime updates and occupies literally nearly zero storage footprint.

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Click on this button below and browser will offer to install this website as a web-app on your Windows or Android device. It will use your favorite Internet browser to open this site when you click on the app icon, and all will look like it's the website, only you can't get to address bar, it's not to be changed, so you'll remain in the app, all links will open in new browser windows, etc.. Check it out, it's easy to forget these days a good site, so having this app on your home screen will remind you of the website, or the best way to download videos from Youtube.

Bookmarklet a.k.a. shortcut

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Here you can enjoy this little bookmark, or shortcut for Apple product users. This bookmark has tiny code attached to it, so that if you save it and then click it, it will copy your current browsed website URI and send you here to Y2mate together with that link. So if you open some video in your browser, then hit this bookmark - you'll find yourself here and video URL will be in the input box ready to be scanned, just hit Download button. Give it a try, it's very useful if you like this website and don't want to install apps - this is just a bookmark, delete and forget it whenever you want.

Convert Youtube videos: Mp4 & Mp3; Webm, 3gp, M4a, etc

It's not a secret, Y2mate is the best online resource to convert Youtube video into your desired format. It has the most supported formats in the industry, simply give it the video URI link and see what formats are available. Not all videos can be converted to mp3 yet, Y2mate has limit 2hrs for Yt to mp3 converter, but otherwise video is unlimited and free for all online.


How to download videos from Youtube to mp4 the easy way?

FAQ - Questions & Answers

Is there any limits o rrestrictions for the users?

No. There's no limits and no restrictions. Keep in mind others are also perusing this site right now.

What websites and social networks are supported here?

Y2mate can download video from nearly 1000 websites, just try your video link and see what happens.

What to do if video is blocked in my geo/country?

This is why Youtube downloaders exist - to get around geo-political blocking, to ensure free for all.

How to download Youtube video on Android or iPhone?

  1. Copy Youtube video URI from the app using Share menu or find it with our complimentary search function.
  2. Hit Download button to see possible download formats, mp3 converter button is also available.
  3. Select the final format you want, click on the button to convert, and save file using long tap & Download Link.

Does Y2mate download large Youtube video playlists?

Yes, our system works with big and small Youtube video playlists, you can download videos one by one, or convert them to mp3. Simply copy playlist URL from Youtube via Share button, and paste it into the search box and hit Convert. Then select videos you'd like to download and proceed to do so.

What is the fastest way to download Youtube videos?

  • A - copy video link, visit y2mate in browser or use webapp.
  • B - Insert video URL into the search box, hit Download button.
  • C - Select desired quality, size and save to your device.